• Art:
    In Visual Arts, students experience and explore the concepts of artists and artworks, the artistic world and their audience. They learn in, through and about visual arts practices, including the fields of craft and design, as well as digital art. They develop practical skills and critical thinking which inform their work as artists and audience
  • Drama
    In Drama, students explore and depict real and fictional worlds through the use of body language, gesture and space to make meaning as performers and audience. They create, rehearse, perform and respond to drama, as well as learn to devise and produce pieces. They will also discover basic fabrication principles of stage-craft.
  • Media:
    In Media Arts, students use technologies so that in a creative way they explore, communicate and investigate. They write and interpret stories about people, ideas and the world around them. They engage their senses, imagination and intellect through media artworks that respond to diverse cultural, social and organisational influences on communications practices today.
  • Music:
    In Music, students listen to, compose and perform music from a wide range of different styles, traditions and contexts. They create, shape and share sounds in time and space and critically analyse music. Music practice is aurally based and focuses on acquiring and using knowledge, understanding and skills about music and musicians.
  • Dance:
    In Dance, students use the body to convey moods and feelings and express meaning through purposeful movement. Practice brings together choreography, performance, as well as an appreciation of and responses to dance and dance making. Students will be provided with practical experiences of Ballet, of Contemporary dance, Latin as well as other major dance genres.


The Malta Visual & Performing Arts School

The Malta Visual and Performing Arts School offers young Secondary School students another choice in their educational journey. It falls under the administration of St Thomas More College, but is still to be considered as a national school, much like the National Sports School. It offers five art forms as the primary focus of study: art, dance, drama, media, music, and have a yearly intake of 48 students, from across all the national territory, which are chosen through referrals and auditions.

This relatively new educational institution gives young artists the opportunity to enhance further their artistic nous and rationality by way of consolidating their actual talent levels without renouncing their proficiency in core academic subjects. In fact, The Malta Visual and Performing Arts School aims to move forward along a dual pathway, namely, the artistic as well as the academic one.

In Year 7 and Year 8 each student have a choice of one primary art form of choice but also have rotating lessons in the other four art forms spread out over the whole scholastic year. The other traditional subjects follow the standard curricula. From Year 9 to Year 11, the subsidiary module drops, and the students carry on with their preferred art choice.

The Malta Visual and Performing Arts School now welcomes its sixth intake of forty eight (48) students for the scholastic year 2022-2023 in Hamrun.

The setting up of the school was a Ministerial decision based on the electoral promise by the Government to enhance the Arts and has been receiving widespread positive feedback from the students, their parents and the artistic community at large.