The main aims of the Corporate Services Division are:

  • to offer support and advice to the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary and the departments and entities falling under the Ministry’s area of responsibility on issues related to financial planning and management, human resources management, procurement and office management.

  • to ensure the most effective and efficient use of human and financial resources.

  • to co-ordinate activities of a corporate nature in carrying out policy directives from the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry for Finance, the Economy and Investment and the Ministry for Education and Employment

  • to collate and prepare the Ministry’s business plans, financial estimates, annual reports and monthly financial forecasts.

  • to coordinate effectively on these matters between the Ministry, departments and the central authorities;

  • the vetting, processing and control of requests for travel abroad on official duties;

  • to refurbish premises and carry out new projects and on behalf of the Ministry, Departments and Directorates.
Travel Section:
The Travel Abroad Section is responsible for the preparation of documents related to travel abroad by delegates from the Ministry and Departments/Directorates and the follow-up procedures following the return of delegates, including the presentation of relative documentation to the Treasury and the submission of claims for reimbursements to the Ministry for Finance, for expenditure incurred in respect of travel related to the EU Commission and Council.
Human Resources Section
The Human Resources Section provides services to the Ministry for Education and Employment, the DQSE and the DES. This Section liaises with the CDRT for the provision of training and development of staff.
The Human Resources Section is made up of:
• Records Unit: maintains updated personnel records of employees. To this end, it maintains databases connected with staff and coordinates the maintenance of the Human Resources Information Management System Database (HRIMS). The Records Unit carries out the required procedure concerning increments, confirmations, allowances, resignations, superannuations and pensions. It also processes appointments and registers the recruitment of new employees.
• Resourcing Unit: is responsible for the preparation of the weekly and monthly employment returns. It also processes progressions of departmental and industrial grades in terms of the various collective agreements and ensures that Performance Management Programmes are drawn up in respect of all employees in the clerical, executive and administrative grades.
• Employee Relations Unit: maintains records of vacation leave and sick leave availed of by employees. This Unit also processes and administers requests for special leave.
• Discipline Unit: administers and processes all disciplinary cases in terms of the applicable regulations.
Procurement and Administration Section

The Procurement and Administration Section comprises Procurement, Inventories, Minor Staff, Stores, Transport and Registry.  
• Procurement Unit: responsible for the preparation and issuing of tenders and calls for quotations, the procurement of works, supplies and services.
• Inventories Unit: in charge of the inventory lists together with the monitoring of inventories in State schools, as well as the recording of transfers of assets and asset write offs.
• Minor Staff Unit: responsible for the deployment of minor staff at Head Office and outstations.  It also monitors performance and attendance of minor staff.
• Stores Unit: procures and issues stationery and cleaning materials, distributes uniforms to messengers and distributes textbooks and other educational publications to State schools.
• Transport Unit: manages the transport pool at the Head Office and provides transport for State schools’ activities. It is also responsible for the maintenance of government owned cars.
• Registry: handles letters and other correspondence received. It also manages and updates the Docreg and mail databases.
Precincts Management
The Precincts Management Section carries out new projects and refurbishes premises on behalf of the Ministry, Departments and Directorates.  Responsibilities include ongoing repairs and maintenance, gardening and landscaping, as well as the safety and security of the Ministry building and outstations.  The Precincts Management Unit shall endeavour to carry out major works at Child Care Centres as well as the continuation of refurbishment works at the Ministry/Education Division main building in Floriana.
Finance Department
The Finance Department incorporates two main financial management functions, namely the Finance (Ministry) Section and the Financial Services (Education Directorates) Section.  Financial control measures undertaken by the both sections include the following:
(i)     Internal auditing and continuous monitoring to ensure quality service to our clients, both internal and external;
(ii)        Financial management including planning, budgeting and monitoring of revenue and expenditure; 
(iii)      Efficiency gains initiatives mainly with regard to the reorganisation of current operations and maximisation of available resources.