The National Education Strategy 2024-2030 is a comprehensive plan developed in relation to the transformation process within the local education system. With a vision to provide quality education for all through a person-centred approach, the strategy aims at addressing the challenges and gaps in the current system and ensure that every student has access to equitable and inclusive education. For further information press here.

The National Education Strategy 2024-2030 is a crucial step towards building a skills-based society and preparing students for the challenges of the future. It sets clear goals, through 36 measures and related 120 initiatives, all of which contribute towards the overall development of each person and the progress of the nation. This strategy is built on three main pillars: Wellbeing, Growth and Empowerment, and Equity and Inclusion.  These three pillars were agreed upon by all the internal and external stakeholders, who were consulted during the 200+ meetings held in the pre-consultation phase.

The strategy has a defined strategic orientation, which determined the priorities and ensuing objectives, these being aligned with current needs.  Moreover, the National Education Strategy 2024-2030 is characterised by a strategic foresight that looks into and targets the exigencies in the year 2050. It aims at preparing students as resilient, emotionally-intelligent and healthy lifelong learners, equipping them with essential skills including green skills, digital and data skills, and values pertaining to active global citizenship.  This ambitious plan is also in line with the objectives of SDG 4 and the Environmental – Social – Governance (ESG) goals.

Educators play a pivotal role in implementing the National Education Strategy 2024-2030. The strategy aims at giving the necessary support to educators to be able to adapt to the several challenges they are facing, including changing demographics and learners whose online persona might be conflicting with their offline obligations. Educators are the primary role models whose influence impacts children, adolescents and young adults and the latter’s disposition to learning and to engage in a lifelong learning mindset. Further information click  here.

In this regard, the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation is hereby launching the Public Consultation for the National Education Strategy 2024-2030 – Visioning the Future by Transforming Education.  The Ministry invites parents, educators, internal and external stakeholders, policymakers and the general public to participate in a nationwide dialogue. It also invites learners to participate in this national consultation, by accessing the child -friendly version on this link: